Botany Bay Pebbles Series

Sliced Pebbles – Shadow

SKU: Q210

Series: Botany Bay Pebble Series
Material: River Rock
Sheet Size: 12″ x 12″
Piece Size: Random
Finish: Sliced
UOM: Sheet
Per Box: 11 Sheets
Backing: Mesh
SKU: Q210

Product Brief:

The natural pebbles in these mosaics are mined by hand from the beaches and rivers of the different islands across Indonesia. You would find these pebbles stretching from the eastern side of Timor Island all the way west of Sulawesi Island. The pebbles are then brought to the factory and manually separated by color before going into production.

Installation Tips:

  • When laying these mosaics, you may need to move pieces in between the sheets to hide the seams for a flawless interlock.

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